Before you establish your footprint you always would like to start with billable success in a new market, jurisdiction or continent. At Markets and Partners, our Business Development consultants will guide and assist you to identify business opportunities and customers to grow your business before you establish your footprint.

    Our advisors will also advise and analyse the business growth of your business and co-create with you the roadmap to your success.


    Industry Knowledge

    Our Business Development consultants have a strong industrial background, market knowledge and sector experience to ensure your success in a new market.


    Market Relevance

    To make sure you achieve your target and growth, our consultants will assist you with research and trend watching.


    Domain Knowledge

    In the world where service and solutions are a key factor of interest, our consultants are updated about the market developments and innovations.


    Obtaining various goods and services effectively has become an essential part for any business to optimize growth. Improving the value of their products along with cost-effective measures is possible through better procurement management strategy. A business will not be able to sustain itself if the price of procurement is more than the profit it makes on selling the actual product.

    At Markets & Partners, we make sure to evaluate opportunities for clients to procure the best product at the right cost, with effective management and tracking of items, to make sure the items are delivered effectively, and our clients maximize their investments


    Purchase Planning

    Management of purchase of goods requires skills such as purchase planning, supplier research and selection, value analysis, supply contract administration and inventory control and stores. At Markets & Partners, we make the best of your procurement requirements with a detailed method of operation.


    Spend Map Optimization

    We provide a spend map, which gives you the basis for identifying opportunities and risks while also introducing cost reduction initiatives and improving the value you receive from your suppliers. We re-orient the focus of your operative team on measuring and reporting savings and driving initiatives.


    Maximized Reliability

    An in-depth understanding of the wants of the organization and its actual needs is readily performed. In procurement, suppliers must be entirely reliable and accordingly we focus on the assessment of risks and reward from each pre-selected supplier. Procurement needs its own coaching, assigning of leadership roles and objectives of responsibilities which is often ignored by firms.