At Markets & Partners, with the crucial allocation of resources privy to a successful business the finance process is initiated with the review of the portfolios and capital allocation resources. Tasks then branch out into complex decisions and financial research analytics. In this important stage of finance, a trustworthy operational plan and accompanying organization of roles are much-needed.

    To provide a prescient oversight over Finance, at Markets & Partners we conduct preliminary and follow up feasibility studies followed by preparation of a financial memorandum. A financing structure analysis is presented based on prior studies. We also provide guidance and tools for negotiating with financers.


    Strategic Decision Making

    We help companies by secure funds by enhancing decision making throughout the organization by identifying risks and actual requirements


    Research of Capital Allocation

    We help you understand what kind of funds are required and how and where the funds should be utilized, creating a proper fund allocation strategy


    Analysis of Growth

    Considering growth expectations, we help you design a specialized plan that lets you understand the investment to return ratio and help figure out tangible business outcomes that you may receive